Don't Look Down

Window view from the Kettunen Center. February 2013
A picture of the beautiful Kettunen Center, home of the Peninsula Writers Winter Retreat, taken by Ms. Yma Johnson. 2013
I know it isn't officially winter yet, but as a Michigander I have to be prepared for whatever in November. If I have to think of winter, this picture (shown above) is where I would like my mind to wander. It was taken by a friend while we were on a writing retreat. Those three days jump started a creative writing process that had died and gone sour inside of me for months. Removing myself from my normal agenda was just enough to rev my pen into action.

During February's State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said "no single event makes a trend." There is no better description to the dynamics of restoring an economy...or even personal credit. As a budding entrepreneur, I excel, I coast, then I get bap-slapped on a regular basis. I have shared how I had to scale back my business. This Spring and Summer, I slowly began adding back one ingredient at a time.

And then The Fall happened.

Sickness, 6 weeks and a day without main computer, 2 of those weeks without any computer, a botched back-up by the service repair technicians, three clients going inactive for the holidays, and a death in the family, for good measure.

For the last couple weeks, I have grieved (by way of procrastination) the idea of starting over. But, hey - it's November in Michigan. So, that means anything can happen right? Now, that I have actually rolled up my sleeves, opportunities are spilling out from every direction. #whoa

I thought of sharing these thoughts once I was through the fire, on the calm side of the forest. However, I felt led to share this educated emotion just in case one person could benefit.

Also, I have felt led to offer up my services each Tuesday morning in November to other entrepreneurs and small business owners who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Each Tuesday of this month, I will be available on-line (Facebook video, Google+ Hangout, Google Talk, Skype) or for drop-in sessions at Absolute Title Insurance on Liberty in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sessions are 30 minutes, $20, and there is no limit to what we cover in that time.