The Educated Emotion

Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence: How to Listen to the Emotions of you and others to receive personal and professional success and problem-solving (and problem prevention) on an individual and organizational level. Listening to your body, mind, and soul.

You. No matter where you are in life, this site is dedicated to helping you learn, strengthen, and be forever connected to your emotions without being "emotional." By the way, "you" includes me, too!


Emotions are at the root cause of much of our societal issues. 90% of emergency visits are manifestations of some sort of stress or depression, the amount of money it takes to be "happy" is increasing by the decade, and companies are spending more money than ever on health care and sick days. 

I will discuss and feature News, stories, reflections, studies, interviews, tools and testimonies of how you can increase the emotional and spiritual intelligence of yourself and/or your organization! I feed off of others so I hope to hear about you, your successes, and challenges as well as anything you would like to see discussed.

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